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By Kiwi dentists for Kiwi dentists!

Interviewing CPD presenters, great dentists and fascinating people. Keeping you in the loop with oral health in New Zealand.

Hosted by Jacob Grieve, BDS, FRACDS. Sponsored by Henry Schein New Zealand.

CPD available for NZ Clinicians - see the links in the show notes. 

May 22, 2018

Three dentists talk teeth, fractures, good times and bad. Dr Richard Eilenberg shares his wisdom while Dr's John Malcolm and Jacob Grieve chip in with wet-fingered logic on the topic.

Richard and I (Jacob) are presenting this course on the 22 June 2018, and give a teaser of the content to be covered, as well as some giveaway clinical tips and experience.

We talk on:

  • when to intervene and how to manage risk when covering informed consent pre-operatively.
  • Which cracks require preventive intervention verses those that can be safely monitored conservatively.
  • Diagnositc dilemmas and examples of success or failure.


Link to the registration for the course


Krell, KV and Rivera EM.  A Six year evaluation of cracked teeth diagnosed with Reversible Pulpitis: Treatment and Prognosis. Journal of Endodontics 2007. N= 8175, findings: 20% of cracked teeth with RP require RCT after 6/12. DOI: Https://

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